Part 1 Book 1: Reading

Join Lisa VanDamme as she guides you through Ninety-Three by Victor Hugo.

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Ninety-Three takes place during the bloodiest period of the French
Revolution, the Reign of Terror – a time when the Vendée woods have become a
pivotal and tragic battleground. It is the setting for a showdown between two formidable
and ruthless adversaries – one Royalist, one Republican – that tests the limits of their
inexorability. A novel with thrilling action, dazzling heroes, and a deeply thought-
provoking theme, Ninety-Three looks at revolution and asks: Is it worth it, and at what

Why Lisa loves this book

Ninety-Three is my favorite novel – not just by Hugo, but favorite period.
It is the capstone work for all my students at VanDamme Academy, and I have yet to
encounter one who was not both riveted and moved by it. It is a masterpiece of a novel,
as spine-tingling in plot as it is soul-stirring in theme. But personally, what I love most of
all is the characteristically Hugoesque spirit of humanity that radiates from its pages.

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